Both dancers are crouching down, looking at the camera from above. They are both dressed in white. Jill Randall is wearing a white bunny mask, and Sima Belmar is wearing a white fox mask

Rogelio Lopez & Dancers presents Entre Despierto Y Dormido

Foxes, Bunnies, Femme Boys – Oh my! – are the travelers Entre Despierto y Dormido. In this new work by Rogelio Lopez and Dancers, fantasies, anxieties, and a floral print merge on a search for an essential essence that has been shamed away.

LASOS by Reyes Dance


JGPG’s Co-Production Program presents REYES Dance, premiering 3 new dance films and a live work that explore the link between childhood traumatic experiences and chronic pain conditions.

Sarah Woods-LaDue for Sharp & Fine. Photo by RJ Muna.

2022 FACT/SF Summer Dance Festival

Premieres by FACT/SF, Amit Patel & Ishika Seth, Chinchin Hsu, Sharp & Fine, Drama Tops (Seattle), and slowdanger (Pittsburgh)

I want dancing to be about more than just how beautiful and flexible the body is. I want it to serve a more complex vision of our humanity, that we are flailing and absurd and in the process of decay.

- Joe Goode