Youth Education

JGPG offers its young community the opportunity to train with company members and create original dance theatre works using JGPG’s innovative creative methodologies. We offer techniques that tune, align, and entrain the body to itself and its surroundings with the understanding that community building, empathy promotion, social awareness and engagement all start within ourselves in […]

I want to liberate the dancer from his/her silence and create a total theater that is rigorously crafted but intimately personal.

- Joe Goode
Dec 7 - Dec 8

Weekend Workshop: Start Simple

Joe Goode Annex
Education Joe Goode Performance Group
Taught by JGPG company members. Revitalize creativity & inhabit your life in a more deliberate way.
Dec 9

The Feedback 2020 – Application Deadline

Education Joe Goode Performance Group
Apply to be one of our 5 Feedback Artists for 2020
Dec 15

Dance for Parkinson’s Class

Joe Goode Annex
Education Joe Goode Performance Group
An inspired movement class for people with Parkinson's and their family, friends, and caregivers.