[arve url=””] Join us at the Joe Goode Annex for JGPG’s signature workshops for people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests. All workshops are designed to give you an immersive experience in JGPG’s unique integration of song, voice, text, and dynamic movement within a collaborative environment. All workshops are led by the JGPG company members […]

I want dancing to be about more than just how beautiful and flexible the body is. I want it to serve a more complex vision of our humanity, that we are flailing and absurd and in the process of decay.

- Joe Goode
May 28

GUSH: Queer Realities with Joe Goode Performance Group

GUSH Joe Goode Performance Group
Feature Artist Practice with JGPG - Joe and dancers tell stories of queerness
May 30

GUSH: Breaking Bread

GUSH Joe Goode Performance Group
A virtual Happy Hour with GUSH Artists
May 31

GUSH: Virtual Open House

GUSH Joe Goode Performance Group Performance
10 Annex artists sharing short works for live feedback from audiences