BIG GIRLS CRY by Cookie Harrist, Amy Wasielewski + Hannah Wasielewski

Feelings shifting like the weather. Angels singing their mating call. Fathers and mothers, ghosts and preachers. Something done for too long. Phrasework soft, sweet, sweeping, strong. The feminine, the moon, glaciers like mirrors. Four women dancing themselves. BIG GIRLS CRY is an evening of experimental new work by Cookie Harrist with Malia Byrne and Amy + Hannah Wasielewski.

I never understood why the dancer should be mute—a dumb rule in my book. I also do not view dance as separate from theater. I am interested in the performative moment as a moment of revelation, of intimacy. whatever can bring me there is fair game.

- Joe Goode
Dec 1

Dance for Parkinson’s Class

Joe Goode Annex
Education Joe Goode Performance Group
An inspired movement class for people with Parkinson's and their family, friends, and caregivers.
Dec 7 - Dec 8

Weekend Workshop: Start Simple

Joe Goode Annex
Education Joe Goode Performance Group
Taught by JGPG company members. Revitalize creativity & inhabit your life in a more deliberate way.
Dec 9

The Feedback 2020 – Application Deadline

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Apply to be one of our 5 Feedback Artists for 2020